July 4 parade remembers Annie Crotts

This year the parade included an homage to Annie Crotts.

The Facebook photo software duplicated whole series of pictures several times, so there’s not really 999 pictures. Once you sense the deja vu, it’s mostly dups.

Here’s the second album. Once I realized what was happening, I made this album for the rest of the pics.

July 4 again!

It’s been a year since we’ve had a July 4 parade. I suppose I could have posted about some other events, but I didn’t, so here’s more July 4.

If you want to see more pictures, maybe about Bo, maybe not, find me next to the hangnail medicine ads on Facebook. Bo Melater is my nom de social network there.

Treehouse John R.I.P.

Treehouse John spent his last day sitting near the tree outside the library, greeting us as we passed, often en route the Peoples’ Store. He was a kind fellow looking for a good conversation.

A fatal heart attack took him away later that night.

I’ll remember him for stories that started with Seinfeld and found their way to Bob Newhart.

Bobo FTW on July 4th

The Bobo women won the tug with fine form, then the men won on a TKO when the men of Stinson fell to their knees, apparently an illegal defense.

Annie Crofts hit the high notes to kick off the parade and the parties that followed.

Arts springs forth in Bobo

Summer approaches and the artists are showing their work around town. At Uniquities, between the Book Exchange and the Post Office, Mary Siedman has her paintings on exhibit. They make the room, especially if you add a few people and a bottle of that ‘real’ coca cola. This is a cozy little spot, behind the book exchange.

From Art springs forth in Bobo

At the Gallery, a group of painters who work from the same color pallet to draw using living models (plants, not people) are showing their work. Here’s Linda Cavanaugh and her work, posed by three generations of a plant from her yard in Montara.

From Art springs forth in Bobo

The Museum has the h2o show in the main room. Large physical art works well with the pieces on the walls. Dieter Tremp curated this interesting and engaging survey of water and art. Interesting work also in the photo gallery and some fine watercolors by John deLorimier in the small gallery in back.

From Art springs forth in Bobo

Not to be outdone, Burnt Park now sports some kind of Christo waterslide.

From Art springs forth in Bobo

Town Mural comes together as cows feel threatened

Today was the first of two workshops to paint the squares that will compose the town mural. The theme is ‘why I love Bolinas’, as depicted by people who love Bolinas.

Local artists gathered quietly over their squares, but at the end of the day if was concern over the cows now threatened by the investigation into the lifestyles of the harbor seals that spilled into the courtyard.

Might the methane they produce bring harm to nesting harbor seals in Drake’s Bay by bringing on global warming? What if it just warmed up more quickly, would they adapt in time? What about the oysters? Do we still get oysters?

As they say, shit flows downhill, and those cows are at the top of that food chain. All this time we’ve been thinking that those oysters are at the bottom of it, and they are, until we get a little sauce on them. The rest is up to us.

Bike trail abides

We had a Sunday morning ride from the BPUD office to the school to celebrate the new bike trail.

Steve Kinsey likes it here because helmet hair is in style. Thanks to so many people who made this happen. The trail down from the Mesa is a nice ride with a few trick turns near the T at Mesa and Wharf roads.

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